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Our customer love Neza. They love unique experience, individual approach, co-creation and the results they are getting.
Read about their journey with us and try yourself. Your unique personal frangrance is easier to create that you think.
Our clients love Neza Parfums
I had the great pleasure to experience a parfum-creation session with Irina in 2019 and I still remember all of it. I enjoyed every second and playfully learned so much while using all my senses and inspirations. I will repeat this at the next occasion! And I can recommend this unique experience to everyone.
Rainer Kessler
I had the pleasure of having Irina guide me through my scent experience in 2016 with a friend. We had a lovely afternoon together experiencing all the different smells that the world has to offer and we created my signature scent, Inspiration.Irina is patient and very knowledgeable about scents and how they work in unison. I love the perfume we invented and cherish the memories of our adventure together. Thank you, Gracias, Merci.
Nathalie Cadieux-Murphy
Phew that’s great. My words working with Irina was a dream come true her sensitivity to the understanding of perfume and her explanations around the scents is a piece of art.
Raratonga Island
My favourite scent is a happiness trigger. In all weathers it takes you into a serene, sunny and warm summer in my favourite city.
Svetlana Sochenko
Composing a fragrance with with Irina was once in a lifetime experience. The process was was truly inspiring. Irina thought about every single detail and maintained the atmosphere of friendliness and positivity. I will always remember our time together .
Victoria Levina
Irina was my mentor-perfumer during my first attempts in perfume making! I must say that she’s really exceptional! Such a great professional and even greater person! She has a unique sense of fragrance and elegance. She’s the right person for your olfactive adventure!
Bogdana Vatashka
In my personal atelier experience with Irina, beside her being a generous human being and a charming host (may I say cool?), she is a dedicated master of her craft, gifted with keen sensibilities - both of Psychology and Aesthetics - Personality and Taste - of her client; she is equally a poetic artist as an adept architect of Perfume - as unique individual creation. It was a true joy and pleasure, to spend time with harmonious Irina in a creative and enriching adventure - from a professional with high standards and scarcity for free compliments 🙂
Kai Leon
I love Perfume Art because it bravely steps out into the streets, blends in with the crowd. On a stroll or even while shopping you can come across incredible fragrance combinations that give people a sense of image and form. This love took me to Paris... That's how I met Irina. She introduced me to the process of perfume creation and explained the professional nuances as well as how the most unusual ideas come into fragrance form. That's how I "created" my first rose. Thank you so much for a beautiful experience in the most beautiful place.
I was creating my own perfume and of course it was impossible to do without a perfumer-professional, for that I thank Irina! 🙏🤗
She showed me this familiar and unknown world, was able to navigate through the variety, explained the basics in an accessible way, corrected if necessary and the creative process itself is unforgettable.
Creating a fragrance is like composing music, there are so many variations and she was right to tell me that the most important thing is to turn off your mind and listen to yourself! We are all individual and there are no right or wrong fragrances.
Afterwards, of course, it's incredible feelong to listen, to inhale the scent of your inimitable perfume💫
I had the chance to take a personal perfume making course with Perfumer Irina Nesa in the fall of 2018 in Grasse. These were two exciting days for me, as I learned about the essential oils and processes of creating an Eau de Parfum from scratch. Irina is an excellent professional and lovely person, very mindful teacher, challenges us to think, imagine and dream as we create. With her help I was able to create a chypre Eau de Parfum, masculine old school style, somewhat animalic. Back here in Edmonton, Canada, I showed the perfume to two sales associate from a perfume store, and to my surprise they told me my “Route du Soleil” reminded them of Chanel Antaeus! It made my day, week and year, of course, and I thank Irina for the teaching and friendship developed since then. I highly recommend her.
Manfred Zeuch
My experience with a real perfumer was absolutely delightful! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time and imagined what it would be like!
Irina is a very sensitive person and extremely experienced! She gave me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the world of fragrances and choose exactly the olfactive notes that make me happy! At every stage she was able to connect her professional knowledge with my desires.
We worked together for 4 hours! During that time my world of olfactory experience broadened exponentially!
In my opinion it is absolutely essential to get help from a perfumer when creating a harmonious scent. Perfumery is a real science and art at the same time! A fragrance has to be balanced and only a master perfumer can do that.
The result is a perfume that represents 100% of my preferences and is a pleasure to wear. I love everything about it, and you will never get this kind of feeling by inhaling a fragrance that isn't made for you....
With great warmth I remember our experience of creating a perfume together, and I dream of meeting Irina again one day to create a new and unique fragrance for myself.
Since I was a child I had a dream to create my own perfume in the fragrance capital, together with a perfumer who would understand me. Over the years, this evolved into an idea: to create a fragrance that would be felt in a particular energy centre (chakra). But how do I tell it to a perfumer so that he or she can understand me and at the same time feel the fragrances on a body level, like I do? It seemed like a impossible dream. During my fragrance session I met a Professional, who not only understood me, but felt like me. It was like a fairy tale. I am grateful to fate and Irina for the joy of creation! It was beautiful experience!
Oleg Tkach