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Irina Zhurikhina-Nesa

Parisian perfumer. The winner of several international perfume creation competition. She graduated from Grasse Institute of Perfumery in 2009, and since that she has created more than 5000 personal perfumes. With all her sensitivity and finesse Irina knows how to make a customer plunging into her/ his olfactory memory and living the best emotional moments strengthened by the perfumes. She has been working with the clients from all over the world, representing different cultures. Her customers represent very wide audience. You can meet people with absolutely diffrent backgrounds from "next door" girl to celebrities, artists, opinion leaders and brand creators.

Irina has multiple sources of inspiration.

First, it's people. Each person is a universe filled with stories. Irina believes that every story can be translated into the language of fragrance.

Second, it's music. Irina collaborated with different world-known musitions , and her creative journey took her from Grasse to Saint-Petersburg and Siberia. Irina created scents for concerts and theater performances that combined music of Bach, Rachmaninov, Mahler, Rimsky-Korsakov and perfume.

Third, it's visual art and color. Irina is interested in synesthesia, and she created a few fragrances using synesthetic approach (it's when the scent reflects a certain color nuance). Apparently, for some customer it's easier to draw the brief than to explain their request in words. Also Irina works with artists on creating bespoke fragrances for galleries and art exhibitions.

Forth, by plants and nature. Being a qualified perfumer Irina studied aromatherapy to understand how fragrance affects human body, mind and emotional state and to expand her professional horizons. She can offer her customers 100% natural fragrances powered by nature and delivering benefits for physical and mental health.

Irina is a Master in Organic Chemistry, Perfumer, Aromacologist, Bach Flower Practitioner, Olfactocoach and Yin Yoga Teacher.
In 2015 I created Neza, a company offering personalized perfume creations and consulting in the world of perfumery. Thanks to Neza you can create your individual fragrance or your own perfume brand.

Neza projects

Notes Parfumés
A series of concerts in France and Russia where olfactive and audial sences worked together to create a perfect immersive experience. More than 15 fragrances were created. Read more details in this interview
"Perfumer" Danse Performance
Irina created olfactive design for the show of Tyumen Bolshoy Drama Theater in 2017. The fragrance was created to reflect the personality of the main character.
Irina collaborated with oenologists in St Emilion to determine the olfactory notes of the wines working as an olfactory consultant for wine blending.
Perfume creations for other brands
Irina has been working with different perfume brands creating perfume formulas for them. In her work she takes into consideration the brand story, the consumer preferences and the personality of the brand creator. She always finds individual approach to her customer and enreaches his story-telling through olfactive creation.
The details on some of her works you can find at Fragrantica.
I live in Paris and work with people and companies all over the world.
Contact me for cooperation.
I speak Russian, French and English.
Phone: +33 6 71 33 77 94