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A navigator in your olfactive journey

We Create Your Perfect Perfume and Share Our Expertise

We offer a full spectrum of professional services for individuals and business. If you want to create a unique fragrance for yourself, learn more about fragrance creation or order a perfume formula for your brands, Neza can offer your the best solution.
Personal fragrance creation
You can create together with perfumer your personal luxury fragrance based on your preferences. You will leave with a bottle of the luxury fragrance created during this session.

2 hours, 50 ml personal fragrance €195
5 hours, 100 ml personal fragrance €500
Fragrance creation lessons and ateliers
Book with us individual lesson or group atelier to understand better the perfume creation process, to try yourself in the art of perfume or to polish your professional knowledge on certain subjects.

Individual lesson 60 minutes from €150
Group atelier for 5 - 6 people 1 hour €70/ person
Consulting in perfume formulation
Professional consulting for perfume creators.

from €300/ hour
Individual Olfactocoaching
Discover your inner world through the natural aromas.

€100/ hour
Product Formula Creation
Professional service for perfume brand founders and other business willing to create signature perfume. Adaptation of the fragrance formula for diffrent products/ applications/ textures.

from €3000
Forgotten Perfume Creation
Recreation of the fogotten/ lost/ discontinued perfume formula. We can help you to recreate olfactive memories and help you to repeat again some very important and unforgettable moments of your life

by request
Our partners love working with us
  • Monika Hofer
    Founder of bluvion
    IIt was fantastic to create my first perfume with Irina. Her experience and excellent sense for harmony and outstanding compositions helped me to launch the beloved eau de perfume for bluvion, certified organic. 
  • Zoe Strantzali
    Irina is my initiation in perfuming. I love here energy and her magic touch with perfumes and I always remember these beautiful days we spend together. She definitely inspired me to strengthen my skills and my passion in the Art of Perfuming.
  • Daria Fessalonika
    Founder of Fragrance Studio FESSALONIKA

    It was a great experience to have individual practice with Irina!

    High level of expertise, attention to details, empathy and focusing on my tasks - Irina helped me a lot to take my first professional steps into the fragrance world.

    For sure she will cope with any complexity and provide an individual approach.

  • Elena Mayorkina

    You happened to be my first perfumery teacher. An adviser on further courses and the first steps, the most difficult ones, when you don't know and don't understand where to look, where to go, where to start and what to do in general. And you always guided and prompted. Your introduction to professional perfumery was so pleasant and so magical that I still remember it, even though so many years have passed. You are very good at seeing the essence of things and feeling people, their needs, their strengths and areas that need to be worked on. Therefore, your classes and consultations are, on the one hand, very effective, there is no time wasted, and on the other hand, they are very interesting and enjoyable, because you teach with love to your profession and to your students, and your students study with pleasure and learn exactly what they need. I also want to mention your professionalism, skill and experience in diverse perfumery projects, all this turns knowledge from theoretical to practical, something that I believe is extremely important!

    I am infinitely grateful to you for contributing to my learning!

  • Aeoliah J. Fairchild
    President of Music For Healthy Living LLC International Recording artist, Author, Fragrance designer, and Wellness Coach

    Working with Irina was a dream come true, I was able to manifest my long time vision, working with one of Galimard's finest and I believe. the best senior perfumers, Irina Nesa, who was able to translate my vision and concept for the creation of my first two fragrances. It was a very finely tuned and delicate process before we were able to capture that special magic that is enchanting, sublime, and inspiring, resulting in two super fine high end Fragrances that I and many others enjoy today. I look forward to working with Irina on some new formulations in the near future.

  • Baptiste Gissinger
    Founder of Expedition Gin

    I used the services of Irina in 2017 for a week long private course in link to my work. I loved the experience, she is very patient and listens. She even went the extra mile researching my field of work to adapt her course to my need without asking for it! I still use what she taught me to this day. I already recommended her and will do so without the shadow of a doubt and I’m looking forward to a more in-depth course!

  • Yana Malkova

    Founder of the Male.parfum brand, perfume expert, and author of the Battle of the Blotters game

    Our collaboration with Irina began in 2016. We worked together for the choreographic production of Perfumer on the stage of the Tyumen Drama Theatre. Several versions were created according to a brief, out of which one was selected and produced in Grasse.

    The formula is unique and certified. Irina was actively involved in the whole production process, helping us to move forward because we were very tight deadlines. The whole process ended up taking a few months less, thanks to Irina's communication with a small production factory. The experience was unforgettable.

    The scent itself was a way of showing the beautiful and controversial nature of the main character Grenouille. After the show, the audience came up to the presentation stands and asked for different fragrances. It was hard to believe that the ambience created in the audience came from just one fragrance. The complex and controversial fragrance was loved by the spectators, not only as an element of the action in the show's atmosphere, but also many people bought it for their own use. It was created according to all the rules of the niche perfumery, with quality selected ingredients and a very creative idea.

    We wanted the fragrance to evolve during the performance, to play and to go through different stages. I'm glad we managed to achieve that!

    In fact, there have been over 100 performances so far. We are also planning a repeating performance in January and a big tour to Sochi in the summer.